Benefits of being a high class high class escort in London

Being an high class escort is self employment and you decide on how the business is run.  You have the choice of being Independent or agency high class escort in London.

As an independent high class escort girl there are many paths you can choose from to start to receive clients, some high class escorts advertise on the internet. Where they choose how the customer can contact them by phone or email. It comes down to individual circumstances and choice, some high class escorts of London prefer to speak over the phone as amazon Pakistan they can get a feel of the client and their personality, where as other high class escorts prefer to answer through email as they can answer when they want which’s is more convenient.

Many girls even get their own personal websites made for them with a description, gallery, fees and services.

Benefits:”   Your working hours can be flexible.”   You are not accountable to a ‘manager’.”   You are free to market yourself as an independent.”   You have ultimate control over your working practice and what you wish to charge.”   The money is very good

Working for an agency

Benefits:”   You can talk to and gain advice and support from the other girls”   It’s safer than lone working as there are always people to help should there be trouble”   You don’t have to worry about advertising and marketing yourself”   You don’t have to worry about building up a client base or regulars”   You can move easily from agency to agency and find work anywhere”   You don’t have to answer the phone and mess about with time-wasting calls”   You can work hours to suit”   And… most importantly (for me anyway) you can keep your private life and your work life entirely separate. You only have to set aside one or two days a week for work. The rest of the time high class escorting does not intrude on your day-to-day existence.

The disadvantages of agency are:”   Many agency take percentage of your earnings, at the very least they take one third”   You have no employment protection and you can be fired at will”   It can be a very tiring way to work”   Many parlours are run by very unsavoury characters who may hang around”   Prices are often fixed and you can be fired for ‘overcharging’. You may feel that 120 pounds is not enough for an hours”   You may find that shifts have been overbooked and there are more girls working than you expected