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Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga, pinball and skeeball are some of the more than 90 arcade games available for play at The Game Preserve in Spring. These included driving games, sports games featuring baseball, basketball or bowling, fortune telling or horoscope machines, shooting games in a variety of formats, machines showing short films or slideshows, diggers and claw machines, which we still see today, and of course pinball, the most popular one of them all, which we will later where to buy retro products look at in a separate article here at Dark Roasted Blend.

Early arcade manufacturers didn’t quite have the foresight to include a place for people to set their beers, and adding the cupholders hopefully convinces patrons that those expensive machines aren’t the best place for setting (or potentially spilling) your drink.

The Rio Grande City native, who has purchased and repaired all of the machines inside the store, said his obsession for the classics dates back to his days as a youth, playing games at the local Pizza Hut, where he enjoyed games like X-Men, No Fear and Silent Scope.

Hearing Berzerk say stop the humanoid, stop the intruder” upon completing a level and having Gorf taunt me with bite the dust, Space Colonel” 30-plus years after the last time I encountered one of those cabinets in an arcade almost made the trip worthwhile by itself.

For McLemore, such pivotal moments define a collection of arcade games that stretches back to the first floor-model coin-operated games—early 1880s strength-testing machines—and includes the first coin-operated kiddie ride (a 1920 mechanical horse) and the 1971 prototype for those Computer Space games.