Miami Boat Rentals And Yacht Charters

Miami Yacht Rental by Anker Charters offering luxurious Yacht Rentals in South Florida for your enjoyment. Art and creativity is constantly flowing through the veins of Miami; whether it’s local artists or big names in the art world that come in December for the Miami Art Basel, everyone makes it their duty to uphold Miami’s reputation as a vibrant, colourful heart of culture!

Since we opened our doors in 1995 our objectives have miami yacht rentals been simple: provide the best tour in Miami with quality excursions & customer service possible by provideing safety in watersport fun with jet ski tours of Miami and sailing on eco-friendly sailing yachts.

Our extensive experience sailing through South Florida, the Bahamas, and destinations further abroad means that our experienced and talented crew has both the means and the skill to ensure that your yacht rental with Y charter not only meets but exceeds your expectations from a private yacht charter.

The result is a yacht featuring wide interior spaces, with a layout generally adopted in larger vessels, blended with catchy external lines, enhanced by the use of color, in which wide windows characterize the external design, plunging interiors into an amazing quantity of light.

The heart of the city is still very much accessible by boat; imagine the hustle and bustle of city life perfectly juxtaposed by the slow-moving ebb and flow of life on board a luxury superyacht- this is an experience you’ll struggle to find elsewhere!