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No matter what curl category you fit into, whether you have loose curls, medium curls or tight curls, all curl patterns will differ from one curly head to the next, as no two curls are the same. CURLY HAIR STYLING TIP: Curly hair is the most temperamental hair type If you apply too much styling product= weighed down/greasy looking curls, apply too little styling product = Diana Ross’s 80’s afro! There are rules a stylist must follow when cutting curly hair, so be sure you find one who is familiar with kinks and waves.

Make sure you scrunch your hair while drying until kinky curly weave | your hair is about half dry. Halle Berry used a curling rod to define her natural ringlets for this polished, Oscar-worthy hairstyle. Long, rounded layers are more suited to curly hair-short layers tend to stick up and look funny.

To keep growing out her length and speed up the transition period to healthier hair with frequent trims. The hair is beautiful with minimum tangling, and average shedding thata expected woth curly hair. Squishing her hair upwards with wet hair, and using Roller Jaw Clamps will assist with this.

It’s the easiest and most versatile protective style a curly-haired girl can ask for, says Renee. A clarifying shampoo that’s sulfate-free is safe to use on curly hair to remove chlorine. If your hair gets overconditioned, try clarifying with a sulfate free shampoo and using lighter conditioners and moisturizers on your hair.

Coconut, castor and amla oils join forces to give your hair a dose of nourishment as a hot oil treatment, or even a drop or two every day. Learning to care for your hair properly can be a path to finally loving your hair. Her hair is thick with a loose curl which requires a lot of scrunching while wet to create the perfect curl.