Uses for an outdoor projector enclosure – commercial and home use

There are many uses for outdoor projector enclosures covering both home and commercial uses, let us look at the various opportunities these can be used.

Home use for outdoor projectors.

Many homes are now deploying outdoor cinemas; running cables outdoors to either a TV or the most sophisticated solutions are using projectors outdoors. The issue with any outdoor installation using electronics is that the electronics need protecting from theft and damage from the weather.

One of the worst things that could happen after you have gone to the effort of running the cables outdoors to your new outdoor cinema would to discover that your projector had been stolen! The second worst option would be to discover that the rain or extreme heat have destroyed the internal circuitry inside the projector.

ProEnc looked at the market for home outdoor projector enclosures and came up with a solution that is unique to the market that is also used inside their commercial range of projector enclosures.

Each enclosure comprises as follows:

  • 2 x high security locks
  • Virtually unbreakable viewing window
  • Thermostatic cooling and heating system
  • Filtered air inlets
  • Zinc coated steel
  • Welded steel construction
  • Powder coated finish

Outdoor projector enclosure for commercial use.

With the deployment of projectors in the past 5 years and seeing the rise of Christie and Barco projectors is fabulous for the video mapping industry.

Commercial use of projectors was originally used to advertise on the side of businesses to promote a restaurant or night club to passing trade. Now the commercial use of projectors is used to project video that is mapped over an entire building. A recent project saw 24 projectors video mapping an 80 meter wide building with an animation that tells a compelling story.

As you can imagine, these commercial projectors range from $8,000 to $60,000 so these expensive pieces of hardware need careful protection and this is why ProEnc’s secure outdoor projector enclosureare selected.

Issues with outdoor projector installations.

When the wrong solution is used it can end up in a nightmare situation, with a large loss if done wrong!

Heat dissipation – projectors are renowned for the large heat output, so efficient cooling is paramount, if the heat is not removed from around the projector the circuits within the projector can cook, resulting in the projector failing.

ProEnc’s solution is to use double the amount of cooling required for the projectors, ensuring the air inside the enclosure is always cooling than the projector.

Dust protection – all ProEnc’s enclosure s are fitted with filters, to prevent any airborne particles entering the enclosure. If dust and airborne particles get into an enclosure they can build up on the projector internal electronics and over a short period of time it will result in a fire inside the projector due to the dust causing the electronics to short.

Proenc’s enclosures are always made from a zinc coated steel, this ensures they last much longer in the field, especially if the environment is rather wet or damp. Usually other projector enclosures are made of steel that corrode quickly and need replacing.

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